EXO: Chanyeol’s new GIRLFRIEND!?



[rumor] It has been seen on Chanyeols facebook page that Park Chanyeol is indeed dating a girl believed to be named Taryn Leigh, she is also suspected to be American!

hopefully EXO will be interviewed soon on their relationship status because I’m dying to know of the girl who has stolen the heart of my bias ><

OMG!!!!! SHES REALLY PRETTY >< AIGO, i dont have a chance against THAT! ><

to those of you who actually think this is real… are you fucking retarded or

this is obviously fake. even if chanyeol has a girlfriend, she’s probably a sm trainee.

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    I don’t believe it. I don’t think EXO have FB accounts, they don’t even have twitter accounts.
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    im not even in the fandom okay excuse me but i ship that she’s too pretty not to be shipped
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    Well excuse me but… You know what? Nevermind. XD If they love each other, why de fuck not?
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    wtf. I won’t believe this.. impossible. :|
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